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Your Health & Life in Balance

Your Health. Your Life. In Balance.

Most people accept pain, stress, lack of energy or inability to focus as normal. These are just realities of life that inevitably get worse as you age. When the problem becomes too much to bear, you see various “specialists” who treat each symptom separately with a different medication. This begins the endless, expensive cycle of chronic illness. Meanwhile, the root causes of these issues are left untreated, so you never really get better.

That’s sick care, not health care. In a “sick care” model, doctors wait to take action until you’re ill. This is the model rewarded by most insurance companies.

At Princeton Integrative Health, we believe in health care. Health care proactively prevents and reverses disease and dysfunction by attacking the cause of the problem. By treating you holistically and bringing your systems into balance, we can help you discover what it means to be truly well.

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Explore Energy Psychology

Sunday, January 28th • 1:30 to 3 p.m.

PIH Integrative RN Patti McDougall is leading a hands-on demonstration exploring Energy Psychology at Honor Yoga in Hamilton. She uses this technique to help patients uncover their suppressed emotions and help ease many of their physical symptoms.

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Jenna Richardson and Dr. Leonti

A Better Way to Feel Better

Jenna Richardson and her father, Vincent Leonti, MD, recognized the need for a new approach to healthcare after their own personal health issues required more than traditional medicine had to offer. They quickly realized that they were not alone. Many people were feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. They were looking for a better way to feel better.
At Princeton Integrative Health, we combine the best of functional and conventional medicine to help you take control of your health. We work in partnership with you and your healthcare team to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Client Success Stories

"While some doctors might feel threatened by my desire to participate fully in my own medical care, Dr. Leonti is perfectly comfortable in this role. He listens patiently to my questions and addresses them carefully."

Carlee L.

“When I I came to Jenna, I had intense stress coupled with a thyroid disorder. I could barely get out of bed. I am now five months into the program, and I can honestly say that Jenna has helped me make changes that I never would have come to without her encouragement. Knowing I am going to see Jenna every week has given me an outlet and an incentive, as well as someone who holds me accountable for my health, mentally and physically.”

Renée B.

“Since I started the Princeton Integrative Health program, I have felt incredibly different in mind, body and spirit…a very good different. It is amazing to me how learning to eat and live healthier could have such a profound impact on my life.”

Mary Anne B.

“After years of trying new diets every few months, I began a search for a food plan that I could sustain. I am so glad that I found Jenna. She has been a consistent source of knowledge, accountability and leadership, as well as a comfort to me emotionally.”

Renee M.

“Thanks to Dr. Leonti’s plan, I have not only lost 32 lbs. in 6 months, but I have also reduced my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. My numbers are the lowest they have been in 12 years, and I have been able to reduce my medications.”

Neil F.

“Jenna and Dr. Leonti bring the best of functional medicine and western medicine perspectives into one space.”

Carrie B.

Corporate Wellness Princeton

We offer comprehensive, customized corporate and community wellness programs to meet the needs of your group organization, contact us to learn more.

Educational Integrative Health Blog

Engage your mind. We believe that knowledge is powerful medicine. Read the PIH Blog for the latest news on functional medicine and updates from our team.