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Our Programs

A Science-Based Process Customized for Your Specific Goals

Customized Programs for Your Vital You

At Princeton Integrative Health, we focus on preventing and reversing disease and dysfunction by attacking the cause of the problem. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to find the answers and solutions you need to achieve your goals and to do it in a cost-conscious way without compromising quality and outcomes.

Following an initial consultation, we will guide you to the program that best meets your needs:

  • Essential Health Program

    Nutritional direction and lifestyle guidance through the support of a team of integrative health and nutrition coaches. Includes:

    • Six (6) 60-minute customized Health and Nutrition Coaching Sessions
    • Dedicated health coach team and Patient Ambassador
    • Personal and family health history and review
    • Complete lifestyle review
    • Customized functional nutrition and lifestyle plan
    • Three (3) to Four (4) months of support, coaching and accountability
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  • Empowered Health Program

    Medically monitored program focused on restoring and maintaining long-term health and addressing chronic conditions. Includes:

    • Ten (10) 60-minute customized clinical coaching sessions
    • Dedicated healthcare team and Patient Ambassador
    • Conventional and functional lab interpretation
    • Lifestyle education, meal planning and recipes
    • Medical/medication case management
    • Six (6) to Eight (8) months of support, coaching and accountability
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  • Enlightened Health Membership Program

    Highly proactive, customized program for those with ongoing health concerns and others seeking lifelong health and vitality. Includes:

    • Four (4) 60-minute visits with Vincent Leonti, MD
    • Four (4) 60-minute visits with other members of your healthcare team
    • Close clinical monitoring of your progress
    • Ongoing lab interpretation
    • Ongoing support from staff and collaboration with specialists

    *Enlightened Health is often a transition program from one of the others as the focus is on preservation of the health success that you have achieved in / from the prior program.

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A Note About Health Insurance

We can provide you with a “super bill” that includes the billing codes required to file a reimbursement claim with your insurance company. However, we do not accept insurance for our services. Everything we do is designed to improve your state of wellness, without insurance company limitations or mandates. The amount of time you spend with a Princeton Integrative Health practitioner will be far greater compared to a conventional medical practice, where patient volume often compromises the quality of care. By implementing lifestyle changes now, you can dramatically reduce your healthcare costs for the rest of your life.

Complimentary Discovery Consultation

Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discover if our approach is right for you.

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Client Success Stories

"While some doctors might feel threatened by my desire to participate fully in my own medical care, Dr. Leonti is perfectly comfortable in this role. He listens patiently to my questions and addresses them carefully."

Carlee L.

“When I I came to Jenna, I had intense stress coupled with a thyroid disorder. I could barely get out of bed. I am now five months into the program, and I can honestly say that Jenna has helped me make changes that I never would have come to without her encouragement. Knowing I am going to see Jenna every week has given me an outlet and an incentive, as well as someone who holds me accountable for my health, mentally and physically.”

Renée B.

“Since I started the Princeton Integrative Health program, I have felt incredibly different in mind, body and spirit…a very good different. It is amazing to me how learning to eat and live healthier could have such a profound impact on my life.”

Mary Anne B.

“After years of trying new diets every few months, I began a search for a food plan that I could sustain. I am so glad that I found Jenna. She has been a consistent source of knowledge, accountability and leadership, as well as a comfort to me emotionally.”

Renee M.

Your Recipe for Success

Your body has the built-in knowledge and desire to be healthy.

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